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DaBaby chose chaos at Rolling Loud show in Miami


Jul 27, 2021

DaBaby’s show at Rolling Loud Sunday night at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens was part circus, part mob scene.

The rapper — whose hits include “BOP,” “Suge,” and “Vibez” — stunned festivalgoers with a surprise guest during his less than an hour show on the Ciroc stage. Directly following Megan Thee Stallion’s electric performance, he went on a homophobic and sexist rant and then brought out the man who allegedly shot her in the foot last July, Tory Lanez.

As the North Carolina native rapped his verse from Megan Thee Stallion’s “Cry Baby” record, a figure decked out in a mascot of him halted the set. DaBaby then told the crowd to guess who was in the costume.

“I’ll give somebody out here a million dollars if they can guess who in here,” he said as the head of the rapper’s mascot slowly came off revealing Lanez to rows of shocked faces and Megan Thee Stallion’s fans who had been hoping for a collaboration.

The crowd might have taken a hint, though, as Megan Thee Stallion had already performed songs “Cry Baby” and “Cash Sh–” during her own set — without DaBaby.

Lanez performed with DaBaby on stage and as Lanez left, DaBaby played “Cash Sh–,” Megan Thee Stallion’s song where he is featured. Suddenly someone from the crowd sent one of their Adidas hurling toward DaBaby’s head.

Megan Thee Stallion and Lanez’s drama started last July, when police arrested him on a felony count of possession of an unregistered weapon. Officers found Stallion injured and after reports of a cut from glass on the “Savage” rapper’s foot, Stallion took to social media to tell fans what happened.

The “Hot Girl Summer” rapper told her Hotties she suffered gunshot wounds during a crime “that was committed against me and done with the intention to physically harm me.”

She wrote that she had surgery on her foot as a result of the incident.

Lanez, who was born Daystar Peterson, pleaded not guilty to felony assault with a semiautomatic firearm and carrying a loaded, unregistered firearm in a car in November 2020, Vulture reported. In January, Lanez and DaBaby announced a song together as DaBaby came under fire for retweeting a joke about the shooting fiasco.

As Megan Thee Stallion faced racist and sexist comments about the situation, DaBaby told her on Twitter to “stand on what you stand on without feeling like I’m against ya.”

But all that went out the window despite the many times the two have collaborated.

Megan Thee Stallion’s fanbase, “The Hotties,” took to social media to voice their concerns, calling the situation at Rolling Loud disrespectful. A fan via Twitter told Lanez and DaBaby if “you’re intimidated by a woman rapping better than you than just say that.”

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