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Former Calgary radio host Gerry Forbes wins big in Women’s Worlds Hockey 50/50 raffle


Aug 31, 2021

Gerry Forbes said he almost always spends $20 on any local 50/50 raffle for charity.

But for the women’s world tournament matchup last Saturday night, the now-retired CJAY92 radio host decided to raise his bet.

“I thought what the heck,” said Forbes. “It’s the women’s hockey team. I’ll throw $50 at it.”

It must have worked because the next day, he got a notice saying he’d won the jackpot.

“I was marching in to see my wife,” said Forbes. “She was drying her hair and I walked in with a little strut.

“She goes, ‘What are you strutting about?’ I said ‘I’m strutting about $171,200.’”

The province changed the rules on 50/50 raffles last year, making it easier for charities to sell tickets online. With Calgary hosting the IIHF women’s world championship, raffles during these games are raising money for programs that enable girls and women to get involved in hockey. All the money will stay in Alberta.

Forbes said while he may have been bragging to his wife about the win, he didn’t actually believe it until he saw his name on the website.

Being a local celebrity, the organizers asked him to do a quick video for social media — a request he happily obliged.

Forbes said he doesn’t have any big plans for the money except for paying off some bills and topping up his retirement fund.

“It’s such a shocker,” said Forbes. “Nobody expects to win those, and you just buy it to do your part.

“I’ve done charity stuff all my life. Like I set up the CJAY92 kids’ fund. I guess maybe karma comes back at you.”

The championship game featuring Team Canada against the United States begins Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. Tickets for the 50/50 are on sale now and the jackpot was already above $100,000 as of 1 p.m.

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