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Vouch: Wordle fans face ‘most frustrating wordle ever’


May 26, 2022

The word ‘vouch’ has stumped a number of Wordle players who struggled to work out this latest challenge and labeled Wordle 340 as the ‘most frustrating wordle ever’.

The American slang word ‘homer,’ and the word ‘zesty,’ and the word ‘scour,’ are all recent wordle answers that have infuriated players. But while these words were tricky to work out, Wordle 340 on May 25 has annoyed players for a slightly different reason.

Although ‘vouch’ is a pretty common word, many players struggled to work it out and have taken to social media to complain and say that the New York Times – the makers of this game – have done them ‘dirty’ once again.

“Wordle 340 X/6 WOW #wordle did me dirty again!!” said another player who failed to work out the puzzle. “Wordle 340 X/6 this wordle will be the end of me,” added another.

But why did players find this challenge so tricky? It seems that a lot of players were able to work out the letters at the end of the word, but struggled when it came to placing the ‘v’ at the beginning of the word.

“Wordle 340 5/6 could have been 3/6 but for the leading letter,” said one player.

Horrid Wordle 340 X/6,” said another player who managed to work out all of the tiles apart from the first tile.

This is a typical problem that usually happens when a word crops up that has a lot of similar letters to other words. For example, many players may have guessed the word ‘couch,’ or ‘pouch,’ or ‘touch,’ before they ultimately worked out that the word began with the letter ‘v,’ making the word ‘vouch’.

The word ‘vouch’ is defined by the Cambridge dictionary as, “to be able from your knowledge or experience to say that something is true. To explain this further and use this term in a sentence you could say, “I can vouch that this person is experienced enough for the job.” Or you could say, “I can vouch for this hairdryer’s efficiency.”

If you struggled to solve this Wordle and you are keen to get better and start a new winning streak, there are a number of Wordle hacks and Wordle tricks, that you can try to help you improve at this online game.

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