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‘I hate this’: Optics of Bombers stars’ tense clash divides Fox Footy pundits


May 30, 2022

AFL commentator David King has revealed what led to the heated mid-match exchange between Bombers duo Darcy Parish and Dyson Heppell on Sunday.

Parish was clearly animated at the quarter time break against Port Adelaide, where Essendon managed just six behinds for the quarter.

Speaking on First Crack, Ben Dixon said he didn’t like to see Parish’s actions on the field.

“I hate this. I hate this on the fact Darcy Parish is blowing up, he’s trying to give some instructions,” Dixon said.

“The captain is trying to talk to him … he’s walking away. Don’t do that.

“I don’t mind getting vocal on the footy field and working through it, but Dyson is still talking. He’s just gone ‘Nup, not listening’.”

King said the exchange related to a mix up in the Bombers’ match ups.

“The core of the discussion is confusion about who had who and I think that’s been the problem all year from Essendon,” King said.

“It was from a kick out.

“Parish thought Heppell had a man that he didn’t.

“He didn’t have that responsibility, hence the confusion. They don’t know who they are on for most minutes of the game.”

Dixon said it was important the players sort it out before trying to play on.

“Just sit there and solve it. because if you don’t solve it, it’s going to bubble away for the rest of the game,” he said.

“If he’s blowing up about (the team’s organization), just sit there and work it out.”

But First Crack panellist Leigh Montagna said he liked to see the “passion” from Parish.

“The great teams do this – deal with issues in game. That’s what good teams do, you don’t wait until Monday in the review,” he said.

“I like the passion from Parish. It shows he cares.

“He’s frustrated – I get that.

“As long as everyone can handle it … I think those situations are normal for teams.”

The Bombers went on to lose by 16 points to the Power, to fall to 2-9 to start the season.

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