• Thu. Oct 6th, 2022

PM to make announcement on Covid restrictions this morning

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  • PM to make announcement on Covid restrictions this morning

Two years to the day since the prime minister announced New Zealand would go into its first lockdown, a major shake up of the country’s Covid-19 restrictions is expected today.

Jacinda Ardern is set to make the announcement at 11am this morning.

Changes to rules around vaccine passes and mandates are expected to be revealed as well as settings to the traffic light system.

But it’s expected any significant shifts from the current settings won’t happen immediately.

Cabinet discussed changes on Monday afternoon.

Ardern said at the time any changes were being announced today as final details needed to be ironed out, such as updating orders and guidance.

“There is literally no one that will be impacted by us taking those extra 48 hours because those changes aren’t immediate,” she said.

Last week, the National Party called for the Government to scrap the traffic light system, vaccine pass requirements in most places, pre-departure testing, and phase out vaccination mandates from April once borders opened to Australians.

It also wants QR code scanning requirements to drop and for isolation periods to shorten to five days.

“Vaccine passes and mandates made sense under Delta. They don’t under Omicron,” National’s Covid-19 spokesperson Chris Bishop said.

Meanwhile, the Green Party said pandemic restrictions shouldn’t be dropped until it was clear that the Omicron outbreak had passed.